Sonntag, 15. April 2012




Mao Zedong

Donnerstag, 23. Februar 2012

Donnerstag, 9. Februar 2012


im gonna show you some of my idols and my favourite outfits of them. 


i just love the cut of this simple dress with this shiny color. perfect for the summer.

so simple so good. the red bag is jazzing up the whole outfit.

i love those sunglasses!!! there is nothing bad to say about this outfit. black is beautiful !!!

loving everything about it. those pants are so cool ! 

this jacket is so beautiful. it looks so good on her. love the shirt. love the balenciaga!!!
she's always kinda rocky. but not to much of it.
totally my style.


i love the combination of black n' white with a bright color. 
the bra and the bag in the same color. good shit!!!

her style always has a manly touch. and thats what i love about her. her transparent blouse is so sexy and she has combined it with those big manly pants. so cool!

love it!  the mix of soldier pants and kind of school blouse. 
so cool. so rocky.

OMG i just love this dress. she has combined a dress with this manly style of black and white and those bow ties. 
totally new. totally unique.


loving everything about it. specially the boots are the eye catcher.

cute blouse. rocky jeans. neon yellow shoes. 
who can combine that ?! SHE CAN!

loving the fur jacket !!

what a beautiful dress. specially the backless part.


i love this outfit. the jacket, the leather pants and the nike shoes.

i totally fall in love with this versace leather jacket.

Left: love the jacket and the scarf.
Right: Yellow Jacket so cool!

Love the Fur. Love those Hotpants. Love those tights. everything about it !!

Totally Rihanna. kinda to much. but she can wear it!